Sunday, August 31, 2008

My view about Introduction to Literacy(IL)

What is Introduction to Literacy?

      I am taking Introduction to Literacy (IL) for this semester. IL is one of the core courses that every student of Information of Communication Technology (ICT) must take. The credit hours for this subject are 3. Other credit hours are 11. So the total of my credit hours for this semester are 14. 

    IL is a scope of knowledge that covered several chapters about Globalization, Data and knowledge Management in Every Organization, Network and Communication, Information System and also Software and Hardware and so on.

My IL book

For me, IL is an association and extension of Computer and Internet subject
It is not only about networking around the world, but also how we are connected through many ways of communication like blog, mail, chatting, and others. Communications are not only between two people but also between organizations and they can be connected live.

As for organizations, managing data and knowledge is very important as data is increasing day to day. In order to prevent loss of data, IL gives me knowledge on how data is kept and it can be access in the future. Commonly, database is used to keep data for large organization.
As data are kept time to time, these data need to be managed into different areas to apply systematically and efficiency in data organization. The areas are like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Production/Operations Management and Human Resources.

ICT students are of course; work with computers when they are graduated. The professions in IT world are not only limited to manage database in business organizations but also other fields. For example, library system needs proper and thorough management in order to divide books into several types. Librarian and Virtual Librarian are needed to manage these variety types of books. Universities or public library for example, have librarians that have the knowledge and skilful to manage these kind of data. In addition, other organizations that need proper data management are museums, banks especially for online transactions and others. 

So, there are no reason ICT students do not have future. In fact, ICT is needed in every single field. Look how ICT influenced and control every organization in this world.  Suddenly this is how I realize how important IL is in my life. The only way to know something is to learn it with your heart, and try to love it.

Those are only my opinions about IL. Learn more and you will love IL! =)

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